Ave Maryam (2019)

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Ave Maryam (2019)

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Semarang, Suster Maryam (39th), seorang biarawati yang bertugas mengurusi para suster-suster sepuh, menjelang ulang tahun nya yang ke 40th dia berusaha untuk terus memurnikan diri. suatu malam Romo Martin (45th) datang ke rumah asrama kesusteran yang di pimpin oleh suster Mila (40th). Romo Martin memperkenalkan Suster Monic (66th) dan Romo Yosef (30th) keduanya akan menetap di kota ini. Kehadiran Romo Yosef yang pandai bermain music membuat suster Maryam jatuh hati...

7.1 / 420

Ave Maryam


Semarang 1998, Maryam who was born in a Moslem family, was assigned to help a nursing house in Ambarawa. Maryam meets seven elder nuns where they live in an inhumane condition. Maryam tries her best to help the retired nuns. Maryam does her daily activity to maintain the church. She does all the work including house cleaning, bathed the elder nuns, preparing the food for those who needed, and also sun-bathes the elder nuns every morning. During Maryam's tough time, she is informed that there will be new pastor to lead the church named Yosef and they start to get to know each other. Yosef who is liberal, contradicts Maryam's character, but somehow that was the kind of conversation that Maryam wants. They are getting more intense than ever. Maryam starts to have feelings to Yosef. Yosef and Maryam begin their relationship, but this resulted in Maryam's negligent towards her task. She arrives at the nursing home late where she is supposed to prepare the food for the elder nuns and she forgets to give Sister Monic her medicine. One day, Yosef and Maryam go to the beach where all the nuns asleep. Yosef celebrates Maryam's birthday by giving Maryam a cake. He asks Maryam to make a wish and blows the candle. Maryam, realizes that it is a mistake. She begins to cry. They go back to the nursing house in silent. When Maryam arrives in the nursing house the elders already prepare a surprise party for her 40th birthday. Maryam cries and hug the nuns, realize that it is a mistake for her to go to the beach with Yosef. She begins to question her loyalty and commitment.


TitleAve Maryam Typemovie GenreDrama, Romance LanguageIndonesian Realese11 Apr 2019 Year2018 Duration85 min CountryIndonesia ActorsSendy Febrina, Maudy Koesnaedi, Chicco Jerikho WriterRobby Ertanto Awards8 nominations RatingN/A Score7.1 Votes420